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"They just don't make 'em like they used to" couldn't be further from the truth at ECS Corp. For nearly 50 years, we have earned a reputation based on never compromising quality to add to our bottom line. We don't use inferior, cheap or substandard components in the parts we make.

How do we deliver on this pledge of quality?
  • Our years of experience have taught us that sacrificing a long-term relationship over a short term sale is unacceptable! We don't want to just earn your business, we want you to consider us your long term partners.
  • Our strict QC standards are the envy of the industry. We will not ship a part that does not comply with those standards.
  • We keep total control over critical parts. That's why a majority of our product line is made in the United States.
  • We adhere to the strictest tolerances on all our parts. One such example is our step chain:

Step Chain
ECS produced step chain is made from steel produced in the United States. This guarantees that there will be no foreign or melted down content in the steel which is often the case from imported steel or chain.

Each component part of the chain is made to the original manufacturer's specifications. If that specification has been improved over the years then ECS uses the current standard. All heat treated component parts gets batch certified prior to being used in our chain. The holes in our link plates are machined, not punched, which guarantees pitch distances to within aircraft like tolerances. Chain this good does not require matching and tagging of strands as other chains require. Final assembly is performed mostly by our machinists which is another method that ECS checks the quality of its step chain before it goes out to the customer.

Check out our wide selection of step chains. If you can't find what you're looking for, or have special requirements, please contact us. Our Product Specialists would be happy to help you determine the best step chain for your application.